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  Training Facilitation...

We can deliver professional development through relevant and practical information and training.

Workshops to support the Eco-Toolbox -

Workshop 1:

We can deliver ongoing support to your Toolbox implementation - the “how to”:

  • conduct an audit
  • record your observations and calculate your footprint
  • monitor and report to meet government requirements
  • engage your staff and stakeholders and celebrate success.

Are you interested in us delivering for you a one-off or a series of workshops?         

  • 4 x 2hr individual workshops {$250 per session - up to 10 people} or
  • Whole program in one day {$1000 per day}.

Would you be interested in attending a presentation on:

Workshop 2:

  • What does the carbon tax and climate change mean to us?   What is the intent of the tax?; how will we know if we have to pay it? what can we do to minimise our obligations?  What are the likely impacts of climate change?  What can we do to ‘adapt’ regardless of the impacts? - {2hrs / $50 per head.   At a venue to suit you.}

Workshop 3:

How do we promote our Green side and improve our Tender success rate?  Do you know that the Queensland Government is encouraging companies to develop a Sustainability Commitment and purchasing process to include in your tender documents?   We can help you develop a policy specific to your business in one day?  Make it compliant to ISO 14001.          

  • 2hr introductory workshop{$50 per Person} or
  • 1 day Policy development {$1000 per business}.


QESI Code http://www.the-missing-link.com.au/images/missinglink_projectmanagement_clip_image004.jpg

Inductions, Environmental and Compliance Training and Awareness

The Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area is a special area in which we work and has a range of measures implemented to protect it. Some of the most successful are the development and training in the Codes of Practice for Maintenance developed for the Dept of Main Roads and the Electricity Industry (the QESI Code).  The Missing Link Resource Coordinators were instrumental in the development of the original Codes for the area, and are involved in the ongoing training of key personnel in infrastructure and maintenance agencies in what they apply. A Code of Practice provides practical advice on how and what to do and what is necessary:

  • To minimize the impact of the activities
  • To meet the permit requirements
  • To reduce the risk of prosecution

We have developed and delivered training packages on Wet Tropic Values for:

    • Department of Main Roads – all Engineers and Design staff  (1997, 2008)
    • Roadtek Contractors for Department of Main Roads (1997)
    • All Local Councils in the Wet Tropics: (1997 2006 2008)
  • QESI Code:

Stanwell Corporation Ltd (2000 2002 2004); Powerlink (2002) and Ergon Energy (2002)

We have developed and provided Environmental Awareness and Induction Training for:

    • Trimotive Auto Parts (2006)
    • Agility Gas (2006)
    • Windy Hill Wind Farm staff of Enercon Powercorp
    • SPARQ Electricity Industry IT support (2006)
    • Little Cove Ella Bay Resort :  construction crew and contractors (2007); Shire Council staff (2008) and Feral Pig Control contractors(2009)

And induction packages for:  RMS Townsville (2010) and Jackson and Jackson Refrigeration (2010)

  • Speak to us about developing an appropriate induction or training package for you.

Diploma of Sustainability on behalf of TNQIT TAFE (2009-2010) - ongoing development and teaching of the first on-line formal Sustainability qualification in Queensland.


We offer the complete range of services through our:

Our greatest skill is to take complex science or legislation and put it in ‘real’ language for you: 
  • what does it mean to me?  What am I obliged to do? How can I make sure I comply? 
  • What do I need to tell the authorities or my clients to assure them we are doing the right thing?  

And we help you put your story in ‘their’ language – engineer or regulators speak, so they understand your intentions or commitments. 

We have years of practical experience working in industry, business and government departments so we know each set of requirements:  you still need to make a profit and satisfy your clients and staff, protect your community and the environment, whilst doing business legally, efficiently and using the simplest most effective ‘paperwork’ .

We can offer services to internationally recognised standards to help your business become more competitive in a market place requiring increasingly sustainable performance. 

We are 21st Century Green – Part of the solution and not just part of the problem. 


November 2011
Kim Forde Recommentation

The Missing Link's Director Kim Forde has recieved a Recommendation from TAFE QLD - " Kim has provided advanced instruction to a NWP50107 Diploma in Water Operations (Hydrometric Monitoring) group across Australia using web conferencing virtual classrooms in the subject of managing compliance in environmental management systems.

She effectively contextualised this subject to the employer's needs, using their own policies and processes. She effectively interacted with the students and willingly shared her knowledge of sustainability and environmental compliance. I highly recommend Kim." - Tracie Regan

Kim's LinkedIn