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  Carbon Footprint Toolkit...

Are you confused by all the discussion about Carbon Tax and Climate Change and Footprints? Do not be stressed by it.  This is an OPPORTUNITY! If you have the right tools in your toolbox…..We can help…. Here are some:


What does it all mean?
The Carbon Tax and the Climate Change discussion is intended to LOWER CONSUMPTION of non-renewable resources.  If Australia can reduce its demand particularly for fossil-fuel based energy and transport, and for water, governments can defer the need to build new infrastructure and charge the ‘real’ cost of providing these resources.  Current electricity generation and water distribution are heavily subsidised.  By voluntarily reducing your consumption you will reduce your business costs, and position yourself to answer the questions of your clients, staff and stakeholders :  What is our footprint? And What are we doing to reduce it?

A Carbon or Eco-Footprint is a tool to measure your current impact on the world's resources, and focusses on those aspects that you can quantify, and reduce: energy - electricity and fuel; water and waste.
By MEASURING, you can MANAGE those costs and consumption levels.

In a world facing increasing costs and pressure to reduce its carbon or eco-footprint, a business which identifies and implements measures to reduce these places itself in a more resilient position to adapt to the changes which will inevitably come in $$s saved, more efficient performance and marketing your sustainability credentials.

The MissingLink Resource Coordinators has been helping businesses to do this for more than 5 years. We partnered in the AusIndustry BESB program: Going Green: Learn, Do and Save delivering a series of workshops and mentoring support to small and medium businesses across Tropical Australia throughout 2008-2009.

“After attending the going green workshop in May and receiving assistance with our carbon footprint calculation, Red Mill House has made significant improvements in environmental practises, achieving substantial savings. The process has made us rethink many aspects of our business and already, with some very simple measures, we have managed to reduce our power consumption by 19% on the same period last year. By Involving our clients in sorting rubbish and recycling, we gave also managed to reduce our landfill waste by 50%.

It has been an excellent process for us as Individuals, and for our business. We look forward to further improvements and cost savings.”

Andrew & Trish Forsyth, Red Mill House - http://www.redmillhouse.com.au

In 2009 on behalf of Tourism Queensland’s Sustainable Regions Project, the Missing Link conducted eco-footprint audits for 20 tourism businesses on Magnetic Island and helped develop individualised implementation plans for each business. The summary report is linked here.

The MissingLink can help your business, industry or educational institution reduce your green bottom line. 
We have helped more than 40 businesses to start this journey.  Let us help you….
Would you like help to identify the most effective strategy for you?

  • Least cost
  • Least operational change
  • Best ‘bang for your buck’
  • Innovative technology

Contact us now….start saving today.


We offer the complete range of services through our:

Our greatest skill is to take complex science or legislation and put it in ‘real’ language for you: 
  • what does it mean to me?  What am I obliged to do? How can I make sure I comply? 
  • What do I need to tell the authorities or my clients to assure them we are doing the right thing?  

And we help you put your story in ‘their’ language – engineer or regulators speak, so they understand your intentions or commitments. 

We have years of practical experience working in industry, business and government departments so we know each set of requirements:  you still need to make a profit and satisfy your clients and staff, protect your community and the environment, whilst doing business legally, efficiently and using the simplest most effective ‘paperwork’ .

We can offer services to internationally recognised standards to help your business become more competitive in a market place requiring increasingly sustainable performance. 

We are 21st Century Green – Part of the solution and not just part of the problem. 


November 2011
Kim Forde Recommentation

The Missing Link's Director Kim Forde has recieved a Recommendation from TAFE QLD - " Kim has provided advanced instruction to a NWP50107 Diploma in Water Operations (Hydrometric Monitoring) group across Australia using web conferencing virtual classrooms in the subject of managing compliance in environmental management systems.

She effectively contextualised this subject to the employer's needs, using their own policies and processes. She effectively interacted with the students and willingly shared her knowledge of sustainability and environmental compliance. I highly recommend Kim." - Tracie Regan

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